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Author continues his focus on the Civil War in new book

Civil War author Ed Ford continues his focus on the Civil War in his new book, The Civil War Assassin.

As he has done in previous works, Ford examines the human story of the conflict drawing on characters who are struggling to overcome the trials and tribulations of battle with their fellow Americans.

An award-winning corporate editor and public relations specialist with Ford Motor and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Companies, Ford has edited newsletters, newspapers and magazines in addition to producing brochures, booklets and other promotion pieces for public relations campaigns and fund-raising programs. He is the author of The Plot - A Kentucky Civil War Novel, as well as The Draw, a historical fiction book based on the Civil War Battle of Richmond, Ky., and Silent Witness, a booklet and play about the Surrender at Appomattox.

He has media experience as a reporter and editor with weekly and daily newspapers and has written and produced radio and television advertising and scripted and produced film and video promos and documentaries.

An early member of the Battle of Richmond Association, the Berea, Ky., native has served as president and a director of that Civil War organization. He also is a member of the Kentucky Civil War Sites Association, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and the Society of Professional Journalists.

The University of Kentucky journalism graduate operates his own public relations firm in Richmond, Ky., and has served as public relations director for Berea College and as a staff writer for The Lane Report business magazine.

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