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The Draw by Ed Ford
Paperback, 103 pages, Historical Fiction, A/E Press, ISBN-13: 9780979001000

“It was you or him…”

The Union lieutenant raised his saber and screamed his contempt as he bore down on Chad Spencer. Chad fired and the lieutenant took the shot chest high, then tumbled off the back of his mount.

“It was you or him, Spence,” a companion called, as the officer coughed and blood ran from his mouth. “He’ll feel better when he’s dead.”

* * *

Chad Spencer, a tall, rawboned Confederate warrior, is driven by a “get-the-job done” demeanor that often is tempered by doing that which is right. Spencer and his Tennessee Infantry comrades overcome hunger, thirst, fatigue and inexperienced Union forces as Major Gen. Kirby Smith makes a bold Confederate thrust into the border state of Kentucky.

The Draw, A Kentucky Civil War story, covers six critical days leading to and including the bloody two-day Battle of Richmond. In a raw and uncompromising setting, the Confederacy seizes an opportunity to win Kentucky and carry the fight across the Ohio River.

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